Home Cleaning Care

  • Maintenance Cleaning Services

    We bring environmental friendly professional quality supplies. Excellent quality cleaning weekly, bi-weekly or every 4 weeks or customized to your individual needs.

    What Your Maintenance Cleaning Includes

      Kitchen Clean
    • Outside of Appliances Cleaned
    • Microwave cleaned
    • Stovetop Cleaned
    • Counter top Cleaned
    • Backsplashes cleaned
    • Sinks Cleaned
    • Outside Cabinets Cleaned
    • Bathroom
    • Tub Cleaned
    • Shower cleaned
    • Tiles & grout cleaned
    • Toilets & bidets cleaned
    • Counter & Fixtures cleaned
    • Sinks cleaned
    • Outside of cabinets cleaned
    • Throughout
    • Cobwebs removed
    • Ceiling fan dusted
    • Light fixtures dusted
    • Window sills cleaned
    • Light switches cleaned
    • Baseboards, crown moulding & door frames dusted
    • Pictures & decorative fixtures dusted
    • Furniture dusted
    • Mirrors cleaned
    • Couches cleaned
    • Floors vacuumed and mopped
    • Chairs tables cleaned

    Service Add Ons

    • Bedding Changed
    • Clean inside oven
    • Clean inside fridge
    • Clean inside of cabinets and drawers
    • Laundry folded
    • Carpet Cleaning
    • Upholstery cleaning
    • Window cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning Services

    Get your home ready for sale OR cleaning your home after your purchase. You can make your house or party room ready for your guests and party. Provide us with your schedule with guest information and let us do the work as you enjoy your time along with your guests.

    What Your Deep Cleaning Includes

    • Outside of appliances cleaned
    • Microwave cleaned
    • Stovetop cleaned
    • Countertops cleaned
    • Backsplash hand wiped
    • Sinks cleaned
    • Dishes
    • Outside of all cabinets cleaned top to bottom
    • Bathroom
    • Tub Cleaned
    • Shower cleaned
    • Tiles & Grout cleaned
    • Toilets & Bidets cleaned
    • Counters & Fixtures cleaned
    • Sinks Cleaned
    • Outside of Cabinets hand wiped
    • Through out
    • Cobwebs removed
    • Ceiling fans hand wiped
    • Light fixtures hand wiped
    • Window sills hand wiped
    • All light switches hand wiped
    • Baseboards, crown moulding & door frames hand wiped
    • All furniture hand wiped
    • Mirrors cleaned
    • Floors Vacuums and mopped
    • Walls spot cleaned
    • Couches Fully Vacuumed
    • Stairs & Banisters hand washed, including spools
    • Chairs and tables cleaned top to bottom
    • All removable area rugs lifted to clean floor underneath

    Service Add Ons

    • Bedding Changed
    • Inside of oven
    • Inside of fridge
    • Inside of Cabinets
    • Laundry folded
    • Dishes
    • Blind cleaning
    • Window cleaning
    • Carpet cleaning
    • Upholstery cleaning

Satisfied Clients Review

  • Ruby, our PSW, is very professional and compassionate. She is kind, caring and does her work effectively and efficiently. She is always on time and takes care of my son very well. We are very happy with her service for my son. Bill, Brampton, ON
  • I am so grateful that Healthe Home Care company came into my life and that of my mom's. you have made our lives so much better now that your staff is helping mom with personal care as well as meals. it means not having to worry about our mother not eating properly and that her personal care is done. it seems like that Healthe Home Care is our extended family and I am so very grateful. Debbie, Brampton, ON
  • Healthe Home Care's employees are very professional and compassionate as they provide a service that allows clients to remain in their own houses while receiving the attention and care required on an individual basis. I have recommended this service to others and they have all been very satisfied with the care provided. Margaret, Mississauga, ON
  • Thanks for your caring support during a difficult time. We are delighted with the care services provided. Healthe Home Care's employees are very professional. They are simply one of a kind. David, Mississauga, ON
  • Healthe Home Care, thank you. We are all very grateful for what you and your staff did for both our parents. It's hard to imagine how we could have gotten through the last four years without Healthe Home Care. I would gladly recommend Healthe Home Care to my friends. Terry, Mississauga, ON